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Positively Creative

May 19, 2017

Today’s Positively Creative guest is Valerie McKeehan, creator of the chalk lettering art company and gift and lifestyle brand, Lily and Val.  Valerie speaks on how she creates new products, the new product the Keepsake Kitchen Diary, and how they recently opened a brick and mortar shop.  Listen along for her tips on managing and building a team with your spouse, licensing vs. manufacturing, and evolving the brand's aesthetic.

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On Today's Show:

(2:00) How Lily & Val started

(6:00) Marketing background helped build the brand

(8:00) Manufacturing and licensing

(14:00) Working with a Spouse

(15:00) Keepsake Kitchen Diary

(19:00) Brick & Mortar Location

(20:00) Valerie's Daily Routine

(21:00) On managing a collaborative environment

(25:00) Valerie's creative routine

(26:00) The Power of Full Engagement book

(29:00) Society for Creative Founders

(40:00) National Stationery Show

(49:00) On evolving the brand

(58:00) Teaching Workshops