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Positively Creative

May 25, 2017

Today’s Positively Creative guest is Hillary Butler, an abstract artist that believes if you show up and do the work, your creativity will flow.  As a new mom, Hillary fills me in on how she uses her time wisely in the studio, creating commission pieces through her mock up method.  She shares how she shows gratitude towards her customers through her emails and through giving the best gifts ever!  
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On Today’s Show:
(9:00) On being a new mama while still painting
(12:45) How to host art workshops
(13:30) Blueprint Retreat
(16:00) On teaching at Falling into Place
(21:00) Her mock up method for commissions
(28:30) Releasing collections
(35:00) Connecting with your audience in person
(50:00) Austin Kleon’s Show Your Work! & Steal Like an Artist
(56:00) S-Town
(1:00:00) Manage Your Day-to-Day
(1:13:00) On being the best gift giver ever
(1:18:00) How to reply when asked about being an artist