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Positively Creative

Jun 8, 2017

Dorothy chats with Caitlin of Horton Brand Strategy on how she works with entrepreneurs to make their "inside match their outside,” working on the business side of things as well as visual side to make sure that your target audience is reached and to connect with them in a genuine way, helping you solve your clients problem with your products and services.  Caitlin’s Brand Exploration Kit helps in the collaboration Landmark Method Process to really hone in on the overall goal for your company
"Marketing is the core of any business." - Caitlin Horton
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On Today’s Show:
(9:00) The mission behind Horton Brand Strategy
(10:00) Caitlin’s background leading up to her current career
(11:30) Rebecca Phillips with Memphis Type History teaches her graphic design
(11:30) Front Porch Art selling artwork online 
(13:00) On receiving her MBA
(15:00) On being process oriented
(15:00) Landmark Method for Branding
(19:00) Designing for the Company’s Voice
(21:00) How her marketing background helps with branding
(26:00) Having someone pick your brain to find out your expertise
(27:00) Are you a PRO?!
(28:00) Is this the most important thing I could be doing to reach my goal?
(29:00) On living in Shanghai, China
(33:00) Her workday while living abroad
(48:00) Being Boss podcast and New Orleans trip
(49:00) Radiolab, Reply All, & My Favorite Murder
(57:00) On business podcasts & books she enjoys
(1:05:00) Inner vs. Outer Pressure
(1:13:30) Her 30 Day Focused Brand Challenge
(1:16:00) Horton Brand Strategy Pricing Guide
(1:18:00) Memphis Type History Podcast & on self publishing