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Positively Creative

Jul 6, 2017

Dorothy chats with Mary Claire White of Falling Into Place in Memphis, TN.  She’s been making candles since she was in the womb (no really...her mom started making candles while she was pregnant with Mary Claire!)  She shares how Etsy Open Call launched her wholesale candle business and how she successfully opened the Falling Into Place gift shop on Broad Avenue, making it profitable after year one.  Mary Claire discusses how she says and writes down what she wants to happen for the Universe to hear her dreams.  They talk about how she doesn’t let anything sit, which contributes to her success.  

“You always want to have that feeling of everything is just falling into place.  But everything doesn’t just fall into place! It falls into place or it appears to fall into place because you’ve worked your butt off.”  - Mary Claire White


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On Today’s Show:


(6:00) Cooper Young Festival (Memphis, TN) & Germantown Festival (Germantown, TN)

(7:00) Double Decker (Oxford, MS) & Franklin Main Street Festival (Franklin, TN)

(10:00) On teaching elementary school

(17:00) Memshop

(17:00) Putting what you want out into the Universe in language and writing

(18:00) On planning and budgeting when opening a shop

(20:00) On researching for the shop in California

(24:00) City & State

(24:00) On designing the shop

(26:00) Elyse Wigen of Prim Society

(27:00) Small retailers need makers as employees

(30:00) Redesigning the candle line

(31:00) Indie Holiday Market

(32:00) Etsy Open Call & Etsy Wholesale

(38:00) On hiring employees for the shop and their roles within the shop

(42:00) Renegade Craft Fair

(43:00) On the importance of photography for makers

(44:00) Annabella Charles Photography

(46:00) On how to attend a show states away and shipping via freight

(46:30) Falling Into Place Displays at craft shows

(48:00) How the shop got its name

(51:00) The Falling Into Place candle line

(52:30) Lionheart collaboration zodiac card/candle line

(59:00) On not letting anything sit

(1:00:00) Making a map for Broad Avenue

(1:04:00) Falling Into Place Workshops