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Positively Creative

Jul 13, 2017

Dorothy chats with Emily Jeffords, a fine artist from Greenville, South Carolina.  Emily's well known for her dreamy abstract oil landscape paintings, her more than perfectly beautiful Instagram account, and her workshops ranging from local to abroad.

"If you're doing what you're enjoying and if you're doing what makes you happy in the moment, that's going to be the most successful. That's going to be the most vibrant for you and your collectors, if that's what's going to resonate, if you want to have collaborations with big brands or blogs, the things that make you happy speaks the loudest." -Emily Jeffords

"People need to connect with art a bit more tangibly than maybe we've been able to in the past." -Emily Jeffords, on why she shares her story via Instagram 

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On Today's Show:

(4:45) Emily's Instagram Philosophy 

(6:30) #doitfortheprocess

(9:30) how to recreate the fun part of creating in your brain 

(10:30) Instagram for Creatives 

(11:30) Business Coaching, Workshops

(11:45) French Workshop this summer

(15:30) on being pregnant during a Europe trip

(19:30) A typical day for Emily

(20:00) Her studio space

(24:00) fine art prints + new print collection

(26:00) on releasing collections

(34:00) different streams of revenue

(35:30) Joseph Bradley

(37:00) Glory Day Loflin

(38:00) Dorothy Shain

(39:00) preparing for baby

(42:00) on collaborations