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Positively Creative

Jul 20, 2017

On today's show, Dorothy speaks with Meredith Piper of Greenville, South Carolina about her artwork, studio practices, and art shows around the southeast.  Meredith works in oil, acrylic, soft pastels, and creates her beautiful wooden framed encased weavings.  Listen along as Meredith describes her studio in Downtown Greenville and all about how to juggle a retail space while painting.  Meredith also clues us into how she creates a painting at a live event.  Dorothy found another bestie!  The two artists have too many things in common to count!  And those things were just discovered with this first conversation that was recorded!

"Being one of the earlier (pieces of art)...I feel like that always takes longer because you don't know what you're doing, you're just exploring, which is awesome but those are some of the most beautiful sweet moments...that exploration of the unknown if you have not done it before, you have no idea what's going to happen or how it's going to turn out.  Those are some of the best memories as well that I cherish."  - Meredith Piper 


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On Today's Show:

(3:00) On having a studio with foot traffic, different types of buyers, and the layout of the studio shops in Downtown Greenville, SC

(9:30) Her studio neighbor, Larry Seymour

(11:30) Meredith & Dorothy both double majored in Psychology and Art!

(14:00) The Enneagram

(16:00) Louisiana roots

(16:30) on propagating her art subjects

(18:00) on working with different mediums

(18:30) on painting small first 

(21:00) on teaching in the public school system

(24:00) Double Decker Art Festival

(26:00) Renegade Craft Fair

(28:00) The birth of the encased weavings

(31:00) Dorothy's 3D teacher, Bill Beckwith

(34:00) on working in batches

(36:30) Meredith's husband, Douglas' artwork

(39:00) on live event painting

(49:00) Mark Malfinger

(49:30) Glori Day Loften

(49:30) Amanda Louise Interiors

(49:30) Dorothy Shain

(50:00) Sunny Mullarky

(50:00) Taylor Cox

(55:00) Meredith's newest art collection release Thursday, June 27th 

(1:00:00) Red River Revel

(1:02:30) on mesh booth walls 

(1:08:00) The Way I Heard It

(1:10:00) Present Over Perfect

(1:12:00) Indie Craft Parade