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Positively Creative

Aug 3, 2017

On today's show, Dorothy sits down to talk with Amanda Campbell of Amanda Louise Interiors, from Greenville, South Carolina.  Listen along as Amanda shares how she built her client list through social media, works with clients to create their ideal styled space, and talks about recent and upcoming collaborations.  

"I really think that the biggest part of style and figuring out your home is just buying things that you really love.  Collecting things that really mean something to you and you're really drawn to, and not worrying about if it's on trend or really even what will look best in your space.  There's something for just buying things that speak to you."

"Trello is my best friend in the whole has seriously changed my whole life." 

"Some of those big hurdles that I've gone through has really been one of the best things."

"My husband says that i rearrange our living room every time there's a really good football game on, because I just sit there and rearrange furniture in my head and have to get up and start moving things, or start hanging art around the television...haha...but in the beginning it was really a laboratory for what I was trying to learn and do and it was where I really didn't have any restrictions on what I could play with and what I could do, like mixing colors and patterns.  There were no stakes on if people were happy or going to like it, because it was just for me so I think I was able to try a lot of things and work through what worked for my brand and for my own home and now because I put that out there in the world, now people are allowing me to put that in their own homes and trusting me with that."

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On Today's Show:

(5:00) on referrals and getting clients based on her aesthetic

(6:00) on starting by decorating her own home and sharing on social media 

(7:30) e-design, source products online, renovations, and delegating to the client

(10:30) getting better to saying no to jobs that aren't her aesthetic

(11:00) Amanda's color palettes

(13:00) on mixing high and low

(15:00) on sourcing

(15:00) sending emails at night

(17:00) working on a rebrand and new logo

(19:00) hardest part of pulling a room together 

(26:00) her favorite thing to accessorize with 

(28:00) collaborations with other creatives

(28:30) Art & Light Gallery

(29:30) art community in Greenville, SC

(31:00) happy hour with creatives and learning from others

(37:00) keeping her head down so not to be intimidated

(41:00) Southern Living summer supper

(44:00) easy decorating hacks to bring life to a room

(45:00) the amount of projects in this season of life

(55:00) on working through new chapters in life and transitioning on time

(1:03:00) new ways of revenues

(1:24:00) on how she got started

(1:26:00) HGTV Magazine November Issue

(1:28:00) In the Company of Women, Living with Pattern