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Positively Creative

Aug 10, 2017

Today Dorothy sits down with Abby Phillips of Memphis Fashion Design Network.  Abby fills us in on how she created Memphis Fashion Week, which hosts well known fashion designers as well as emerging designers.   Abby has grown this nonprofit into a flourishing thriving success.  Memphis Fashion Design Network now encompasses a collaborative design studio, The Lab, and education certification courses at Memphis College of Art.

"We knew right away that we had to keep doing it.  I don't feel like I built it, I feel like we kept following what people were wanting.  It was the opposite of 'if you build it they will come.'  It was like, they're coming, we better get this done!" - Abby Phillips 

"I think that's a big thing as well...committing yourself to being 100% present for what you're working on, whether that a mom, or work, or whatever it may be." - Abby Phillips

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On Today's Show:

(3:00) Abby's background with theater, film, & casting

(5:30) Casting models for Nashville Fashion Week

(6:00) The birth of Memphis Fashion Weekend

(9:00) Pavo, Meosha, Jack Robinson Gallery, A. Schwab , Joseph's, Kittie Kyle

(14:00) On building the education platform for designers with Memphis College of Art

(17:00) Tara Skelley

(18:30) AAUW & certificate program for designers

(20:30) Emerging Memphis Designer

(22:00) On getting big names for the fashion shows

(25:00) Annie Griffin, freeze models, runway shows, Monte, Shela Jay Design, Tiena, This is Sloane, Nicole Miller

(27:00) The Lab , The pop up shop, and all of the resources offered with membership to The Lab

(35:00) trunk shows

(36:00) Tiena Gwin, Belk Southern Designer

(37:00) The future of Memphis Fashion Design Network 

(41:00) Events during Memphis Fashion Week

(44:00) Emily Harvey of EmKat Design

(46:00) Abby's mother, first female board President of Boys & Girls Clubs Memphis

(47:00) Junior League of Memphis, Memphis Ad Fed Board, Leadership Memphis

(48:00) on being a working mom 

(53:00) How I Built This, Ted Talks, Freakonomics, Emily Wapnick Multipotentialite , The Limit Does Not Exist

(56:00) Living LeReve , Style by LD, Pretty in Pink Megan