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Positively Creative

Aug 17, 2017

Today on Positively Creative, Dorothy chats with Erin Austen Abbott about all of the different creative avenues Erin ventures as a facilitator and curator in the creative community.  Erin shares all about her shop Amelia and the recent shop move from Oxford to Water Valley, Mississippi, where the shop has grown to house a gallery as well as classes and workshops.  Erin discusses her new book, How to Make It, a look into 25 creative entrepreneurs and makers and their creative processes.  They also discuss Erin's writings for Design Sponge, her own photography, and much more!

"It's been a real lesson for me on what people want...It's also an education process, educating people why things cost what they cost, why handmade is so important, why we need this kind of movement in our country and world because it's important to know where your items are coming from and to gift things that are more special than something you could pick up at a Black Friday sale."  -Erin Austin Abbott 


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On Today's Show:

(7:30) Amelia - shop, gallery, and classes

(11:30) From the 187 square feet on the Oxford Square to all under one roof in Main Street in Water Valley, MS

(16:00) The Living Room Gallery, Glennray Tutor , Jonathan Kent Adams , A Study in Color

(20:00) One Night Stand Show that Erin curates

(25:00) How to Make It book , Chronicle Books 

(26:30) Studio Stories on Instagram 

(31:00) on photographing and writing for the book 

(34:00) going on tour for the book 

(36:00) on traveling, Field Trip blog

(36:30) working for Design*Sponge

(43:00) Erin's typical day and how she organizes 

(45:00) Dorothy blabs on about Trello

(47:00) on when and what to post on Amelia Presents Instagram 

(53:00) Sarah, Occasionette, Girls Can Tell , Storehouse in New Jersey

(54:00) Elizabeth Suzann, Jojotastic

(55:00) Shopkeep Facebook Group

(1:00:00) on finding artists to carry in the shop

(1:05:00) Up & Vanished Podcast

(1:06:00) On how she got the name Amelia Presents