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Positively Creative

Sep 14, 2017

Dorothy loved having this opportunity to sit down with two wonderfully creative Memphis women, the Archer sisters, Kristen & Lindsey Archer.  Arch'd takes the sisters creativity and transfers it directly to the wood, via Kristen’s photography and Lindsey’s graphic design.  They fill us in on their assembly line process, working in batches, how they working with family, and how they like doing things that are creative outside of businesses.

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On Today's Show:

(10:00) their artmaking process

(12:00) first products

(13:30) assembly line process, working in batches

(18:00) on hiring studio assistants

(19:00) on graphic design & photography that make up the artwork

(19:30) expanding their products with different cities skews

(20:00) NYC trip

(20:30) photography flight in Manhattan

(26:00) full time jobs at Kappa Delta Headquarters, how their positions relate to their skills making and creating with Arch'd

(30:00) on being sisters that live and work together

(33:00) Tennessee Brewery and Open Letter to Justin Timberlake

(35:00) surprisingly successful products

(37:00) on shipping products internationally

(44:00) New Arch'd booth by Zachary Call

(47:00) Cooper Young, Merry Marketplace, Gingerbread House

(52:00) giveaways at art festivals,

(54:00) on consigning work at local shops

(58:00) packaging artwork to take to shows

(59:30) buying art while they travel

(1:01:00) doing things that are creative outside of your business