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Positively Creative

Sep 21, 2017

On today's episode Dorothy speaks with Kristin Vermilya on product photography, brand photography, on launching her podcast, How to Fail, and on blogging tips.  Through her photography she helps connect your brand by sharing your personality with your dream audience and your communities.

On Today's Show:

(7:00) her photography tiers on product photography

(8:00) on figuring out your brand

(9:00) how to set up a DIY product photoshoot

(10:00) seamless paper a continuous white backdrop

(11:30) how to edit photos on your iPhone

(12:00) a color story app

(16:00) her take on flat lay photos and donuts

(17:30) Planoly, an app that plans your Instagram photos!  A MUST NEED!

(18:00) brand photography

(22:00) DIY stock photography for artists and makers

(24:00) How to Fail! Podcast

(28:00) one of Kristin's recent failures

(30:00) on Instagram following

(37:00) Creative Biz Rebellion

(42:00) blogging tips, Think Creative Collective, Femtrepreneur

(52:00) Reina and Co, Emily McDowell, Lara Casey Cultivate What Matters