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Positively Creative

Sep 28, 2017

Today's episode is a fun conversation with fine artist Deanna Hamsley about the art world and how she has grown her following and her customer base by giving Facebook followers a Call to Action, showing her work at local art shows, and getting her start by hosting workshops.  We all know that as a full time artist, we are juggling all the things in every aspect of our business, but Deanna has us beat.  She paints in her sleep! 

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On Today's Episode:

(7:00) on juggling all the things

(9:00) hosting workshops with wooden word art

(10:00) the strength of Facebook advertising

(13:00) The name Grace Given Gifts

(17:00) the commitment and investment in people through posting on her Facebook page

(24:00) giving a call to action on Facebook 

(28:00) having customers commit with commissions and taking payments for commissions

(29:00) Having your audience see you as a person and not a business through Facebook advertising

(40:00) Community Over Competition, but put on your blinders

(43:00) Feeling like a failure when we are not being creative

(45:00) Being a work from home mom with 5 children

(50:00) Craft Festivals and Art Shows, Hope Market, Memphis, TN

(55:00) Holly Day Marketplace in Murfreesboro, TN

(57:00) Tips for having a booth at a craft fair or art show

(1:04:00) The creative community on Instagram

(1:05:00) How she scored a free beach trip through her art

(1:13:00) Deanna's creative process