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Positively Creative

Oct 12, 2017

Dorothy had the chance to sit down with Beth Winterburn, an abstract fine artist and discuss how she started creating abstract thanks to a friend's request.  Beth discusses how she prices her artwork and how she releases collections online, which helps with seasons of creating, packaging, uploading online, and helps give herself breaks.

For more Beth Winterburn:

(3:00) Art 101 elements and principles of art as her guide

(5:00) @ebw_artwork

(6:00) Beth's art background

(17:00) growing her studio from kid mode

(19:00) her first abstract piece 4 years ago

(20:00) started selling from Instagram, her online portfolio

(26:00) using acrylic inks

(31:00) starting to sell at festivals, Double Decker, Memphis Maker Market

(33:00) went to workshops and one-on-one online classes, learning taxes and being a small business owner

(34:00) good advice on pricing her artwork 

(36:00) on selling artwork at restaurants, currently selling her artwork at Catherine & Marys, River Oaks

(37:00) Falling into Place, Pickering Boxwood, selling wholesale to France

(40:00) on releasing collections online 

(46:00) Crosstown Arts, Ken Hall curating, Janet Smith, Kat Gore, Lisa Williamson, Grit

(49:00) how she creates commission pieces

(54:00) collaboration with Artfully Walls and getting into Anthropologie