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Positively Creative

Nov 8, 2018

Blayne Macauley of Blayne Art is on the show today. I loved our conversation about how she paints her dreams and the way clients interpret her paintings. We also chat about working from home, hiring help and what it's like to work with galleries.


About Blayne:

My artwork explores the idea of the human soul.  As a soul travels through life it changes. It grows, learns, and is damaged by life events.  Certain moments in time can permanently impact a soul.


My work explores those certain moments that shaped and defined my life.  Each impactful moment is distilled down to one image (basket, swing set, kite, man with a crown).  With those symbols I've created a visual language that I can use in different ways and allow them to interact with each other.  Those interactions represent the malleability of memory, and how my current life perspective impacts my perspective on the events of my past.










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About The Positively Creative Podcast:

The Positively Creative Podcast was created by Dorothy Collier, artist of Dorothy Art, for creative entrepreneurs. When Dorothy started having a positive outlook on every aspect of her life, including her art career, the creativity and opportunities started overflowing! Join her as she chats with other small business owners, discussing the ins and outs of how to run a creative business and how they make it in their respective fields.

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