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Positively Creative

Sep 28, 2017

Today's episode is a fun conversation with fine artist Deanna Hamsley about the art world and how she has grown her following and her customer base by giving Facebook followers a Call to Action, showing her work at local art shows, and getting her start by hosting workshops.  We all know that as a full time artist, we...

Sep 21, 2017

On today's episode Dorothy speaks with Kristin Vermilya on product photography, brand photography, on launching her podcast, How to Fail, and on blogging tips.  Through her photography she helps connect your brand by sharing your personality with your dream audience and your communities.  

Sep 14, 2017

Dorothy loved having this opportunity to sit down with two wonderfully creative Memphis women, the Archer sisters, Kristen & Lindsey Archer.  Arch'd takes the sisters creativity and transfers it directly to the wood, via Kristen’s photography and Lindsey’s graphic design.  They fill us in on their assembly line...

Sep 7, 2017

Today's Positively Creative podcast episode, Dorothy chats with Katherine Corden on how she grew her painting hobby into a side hustle while being a full time physical therapist, how she has learned to say yes and no to live the life that she wants, and how she batches her work to prioritize her time. 

"Saying yes to...