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Positively Creative

Oct 26, 2017

Dorothy speaks with Carolyn Keating of Wholesale for Creatives, which offers support, strategy, and systems for product based business owners.  We dive in with wholesale pricing, working with rep groups, and chat about how many products you need to start a wholesale line.

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Oct 19, 2017

Dorothy had the pleasure of sitting down with sisters Katherine Vergos Riederer and Anna Vergos Blair of The Art Project to talk about their brick and mortar business, an art studio for kids!   They share how the idea came to be, getting started with building the studio, and the day to day activities and events they...

Oct 12, 2017

Dorothy had the chance to sit down with Beth Winterburn, an abstract fine artist and discuss how she started creating abstract thanks to a friend's request.  Beth discusses how she prices her artwork and how she releases collections online, which helps with seasons of creating, packaging, uploading online, and helps...

Oct 5, 2017

Dorothy chats with Jessica & Clifford Huizenga of The Confetti Bar on how Jessica got the ball rolling so quickly, transitioning to The Confetti Bar as her full time career within 6 months.  Clifford is a digital wiz and has created a wonderful site with great SEO.  Clifford is a "personal believer in that a lot of the...