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Positively Creative

Apr 5, 2018

On this episode of Positively Creative, Evelyn Henson shares about developing products & figuring out how to ship them. Evelyn also talks about the pros of dropshipping products, how she leverages her shopify store, and the trial and error of being a business owner and how she uses her mistakes to grow!


About Evelyn:

Brushed with a love for all things creative, I grew up in Columbus, GA. After my 3rd grade teacher pulled me aside for writing "too small" (I had just made tiny handwriting the classroom trend), I probably should have known I would be an artist of some sort, but it took me about a decade after that day to finally pick up the paintbrush.

I first discovered my love for painting when I attempted a floral still life as a Mother's Day gift in 2012 after two friends kindly gave me an old box of paints they didn't want. I honestly haven't been able to put down the paint brush since---there's something about art that brings out my happiest, brightest self.  

I started selling my work in May 2013 following my college graduation. At the time, I didn't know what I was going to do with my life, so let's just say I'm very thankful that my art business turned out to be more successful than my post-grad job hunt. It started with just a few art prints on Etsy, and has slowly evolved into a colorful & happy brand that has been seen in Glamour, Domino, Redbook, People, and more.

I'm currently based in Charlotte, NC.

Led by the mantra "painting is a celebration of life" I seek to create stylish art that's uplifting & bright. My happy palette finds inspiration in the colors and patterns within everyday life. Picasso said that "inspiration exists, but it has to find you working," &, thanks to countless hours spent with a paintbrush in hand, art's taught me to recognize appreciate the little things. Through this colorfully inspired lens, I hope to create pieces that brighten your day and bring sunshine to your home.









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About The Positively Creative Podcast:

The Positively Creative Podcast was created by Dorothy Collier, artist of Dorothy Art, for creative entrepreneurs. When Dorothy started having a positive outlook on every aspect of her life, including her art career, the creativity and opportunities started overflowing! Join her as she chats with other small business owners, discussing the ins and outs of how to run a creative business and how they make it in their respective fields.

To learn more about The Positively Creative Podcast, visit our website or head over to our Patreon page! You can also find Dorothy on Instagram at @positivelycreativepodcast and @dorothyart!