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Positively Creative

Apr 19, 2018

Today's episode is one for the books!  Host Dorothy Collier moderates Pro Panel: Market Booths, hosted by Creative Works & Tuesdays Together.  Panelists Sarah Baumann of Signet SealedJosh Samuels of EllaJudeSamilia Colar ofTextyle, & Mary Claire White of Falling into Place share their wealth of knowledge on the nitty gritty of craft festivals and what it takes from A to Z.  They discuss application tips and tricks when trying to get into juried shows, on why applying early to shows matters, how to prepare your product before the show and how to display it within your booth once at the art fair, how to sell to customers and so much more!  


$15 e-book on how to sell at shows

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On Today's Show:

(5:00) Dan with Creative Works, Conference in October

(10:00) Introductions, how many shows the panel does a year, and first mishaps

(22:00) Application process and finding shows 

(26:00) Zapplication

(28:00) Sourcebook

(32:00) How do you prepare your products for a show?

(38:00) packaging, giveaways, and pricing

(41:00) What's in your show bag?

(43:00) What goes into building your booth?  

(51:00) Falling Into Place Displays

(55:00) Booth signage and booth placement

(1:05:00) Why "I'll be back..." is a lie

(1:06:00) What is your sales approach when people come into your booth?

(1:14:00) show specials

(1:18:00) e-book on how to sell at shows

(1:18:00) Renegade Pinterest board

(1:19:00) show insurance, collecting sales tax

(1:27:00) Southern Artist Facebook group

(1:30:00) "Spilling out" of your booth 

(1:32:00) taking payment on the phone vs. ipad

(1:35:00) setting up inventory in Square

(1:36:00) sources for packaging - ULine, Clear Bags, Nashville Wraps, Bags Unlimited, Planet Packaging in Memphis, Papermark

(1:38:00) price points that sell, your prices in regards to wholesale, undercutting your competition

(1:42:00) Have you ever run into theft?

(1:44:00) Bringing animals to festivals

(1:47:00) brand identity

(1:51:00) Where do you sit in the booth?

(1:54:00) network issues when taking credit cards

(1:56:00) how much product do you put out?

(1:58:00) admission ticket to get in to shows vs. free to general public shows