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Positively Creative

May 19, 2017

Today on Positively Creative Dorothy chats with Kat Gordon, owner of Muddy’s Bake Shop in Memphis, Tennessee.  She takes us behind the scenes of the 50+ employee, tri-location bakery business from Mud Lab, the test kitchen club which has a lengthy application process for creating a new recipe for the bakery to the Muddy’s volunteer community outreach program for her employees.  Book clubs, employee retreats, art market, custom kitchen…what does Muddy’s not do?!  
“I feel like this is the secret of visioning and why visioning works is that once you are open about what it is you want, people want to help you.” -Kat Gordon, on working to fulfill the Muddy’s team's 2020 vision of launching a pie in the sky!
“My business is my medium.” -Kat Gordon
“We get so caught up in the grass is always greener, but it’s easy to just not totally appreciate the challenges for the gift that they are.” -Kat Gordon
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On Today’s Show:
(4:00) How Muddy’s became a company, even without a grand opening
(11:30) Muddy’s community service program
(17:30) Memphis Indie Spring Market
(19:00) Muddy’s Book Club
(21:00) Ego is the Enemy
(22:00) Kitchen Tours
(26:00) Muddy’s retreat
(28:00) Kat’s new teaching workshops
(35:00) Muddy’s Test Kitchen
(46:00) Custom Kitchen / Johnny’s Christening Cake
(47:00) On auditing product prices
(49:00) Her thoughts on the business’ growth
(56:00) The hiring process
(1:00:00) Mail Order Muddy’s
(1:06:00) Artist & Fabulous mother-in-law Nancy Cheairs
(1:07:00) Flicker Street Studio
(1:08:00) Jeni’s Ice Cream
(1:14:00) Host a Front Porch Party!