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Positively Creative

Jul 27, 2017

Today Dorothy talks to Stacie Bloomfield of Gingiber, a paper goods and home decor company that offers classic animal-centric illustrated designs that are sweet enough for children, but smart enough for adults.  Stacie fills us in on the nitty gritty of growing Gingiber from the ground up, online and in the wholesale world, now in 300 + retail stores and licenses her artwork to many big name brands.  She discusses how important it is to be capable of pivoting in your business when needed.  

"Gingiber is hear to make people happy.  Whatever we have on a card, whatever we have an image, whatever we have on a tea towel, it's going to make someone smile."  

"The reason people will keep working with you, it's not just if you were a good artist, it's if you are a nice person they will remember you.  You can say thank you, and then you can show your thank you with a note in the mail, or sending an email.  Little acts of gratitude go a long way and building those relationships.  If you have a good opportunity, recognize it is, and do some research, send them a thank you note, and really work on that relationship."

"I don't need better products.  I just need slightly better than person to my left and person to my right.  Or, I just need to find a way to stand out a little bit more." 

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On Today's Show:

(4:00) On Gingiber's start

(5:45) Decor8 blog - Holly Becker

(6:00) Featured Etsy seller 2011 THE WEEK AFTER HER BABY WAS DUE!!!

(9:00) On how wholesale has grown to 300+ retailers

(10:00) Grace with Pink Olive School

(11:00) National Stationery Show

(14:00) producing her tea towels with Orchard Street Press

(16:00) Meet the Gingiber team 

(21:00) working with wholesale reps Paper & Heart  & Gelhert Group & Elements Rep Group

(27:00) displays for retail shops 

(30:00) Atlanta Wholesale Market

(33:00) Wholesale Booth in a Box in lieu of NSS

(37:00) 16 week small business course with SBA 

(41:00) How I Built This podcast 

(42:00) on licensing your work

(44:00) Land of Nod, Crane & Co, West Elm, MODA Fabrics partnerships

(52:00) on Shopify

(53:00) Trello boards for wholesale, increasing reorders

(57:00) Stacie's creative process as a working mom

(1:02:00) upcoming work with illustrations

(1:05:00) Beth 1canoe2

(1:06:00) Kristen Ley Thimblepress

( 1:07:00) mogleaPaper Bandit Press, Emily McDowell, & Erin Austin Abbott of Amelia Presents

(1:14:00) The Gingiber Studio 

(1:19:00) team retreat & guidebook