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Positively Creative

Nov 2, 2017

Dorothy sits down with Maria Brophy, an artist consultant and author of Art Money Success.  Maria has dedicated her life to figuring out the strategies on how to make a good living by being an artist.  Maria shares with us how to bring your thoughts back to what you want, and to not focus on what isn't serving you.  

For more Maria Brophy:

Shop the book, Art Money Success

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On Today's Show:

(4:00) Maria's background and book, Art Money Success

(5:00) running your art business like a business

(8:30) "money is a form of love"

(11:00) commission policies and systems in your business

(15:00) positive thinking and protecting your mind

(24:30) Bob Proctor, You Were Born Rich

(26:00) pursuing ideas and goals

(30:00) getting what you want plus some

(35:00) unconventional ways to sell your art and getting paid for charity

(40:00) streams of income

(46:00) email marketing and seo 

(50:00) reproductions

(53:00) What's your business model?

(58:00) price quotes