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Positively Creative

Sep 7, 2017

Today's Positively Creative podcast episode, Dorothy chats with Katherine Corden on how she grew her painting hobby into a side hustle while being a full time physical therapist, how she has learned to say yes and no to live the life that she wants, and how she batches her work to prioritize her time. 

"Saying yes to something means saying no to something else, and it goes vice versa, so saying no to something means that you're making room to say yes for something else.  So unless something is exactly what I need, have time for, or want in the present moment, I've said no to it." -Katherine Corden

To see Katherine's Work:

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On Today's Show:

(7:00) how she started just a year ago

(11:00) lack of art business education in the university setting

(12:00) Skillshare

(19:00) her sketching and painting process

(19:00) Golden Paints and how she has a limited palette

(21:30) her commission process

(22:00) Honeybook

(29:00) Jenna Kutcher's Goal Digger Podcast

(30:00) Present Over Perfect, Big Magic, Essentialism

(33:00) prioritizing saying yes and no

(38:00) Katherine's typical day - batching her work

(42:00) Randolph Street Market

(43:00) Raw Art Show & Conception

(48:00) overcoming hurdles while painting at night after her full time job

(52:00) J. Villa Workshop, MG Fancy Font, Meg Made

(55:00) Tuesdays Together