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Positively Creative

Jun 29, 2017

Join Dorothy as she chats with Kelly Parker Smith and Caroline Hull about their new podcast, Creative Biz Rebellion.  They dive into various topics for product based businesses in their weekly episodes, from having an Etsy Action Plan to goals and resolutions.  Listen in on how Kelly and Caroline run the podcast and their respective creative companies from their homes, Hello World Paper Co. and Caroline Creates, all while being moms!

"We want to have, not balance, but harmony in our lives." - Kelly Parker Smith
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On Today's Show:

(4:00) Caroline Creates

(5:00) Hello World Paper Co.

(6:00) How Caroline & Kelly met - Creative Founders

(7:00) The start of the podcast

(9:00) On just starting the work

(10:45) Dana Malstaff's Trello Course

(14:30) Etsy Action Plan

(17:45) On having a positive attitude

(18:45) Rock Your Shop Summer Challenge Free Course

(21:00) Easy Shop Calendar

(21:00) Rock Your Shipping Mini Course

(22:00) Resources

(23:00) Creative Biz Rebellion's Guests

(27:00) Work from home Mom life

(45:00) On podcast advertisers

(53:30) Paige Poppe

(54:00) Lara Casey

(55:00) On trying to simplify

(1:00:00) Inkwell Press

(1:05:00) Jessica Swift Pattern Camp

(1:06:00) Kelly's Patterns