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Positively Creative

Oct 5, 2017

Dorothy chats with Jessica & Clifford Huizenga of The Confetti Bar on how Jessica got the ball rolling so quickly, transitioning to The Confetti Bar as her full time career within 6 months.  Clifford is a digital wiz and has created a wonderful site with great SEO.  Clifford is a "personal believer in that a lot of the web field should be demystified and there's a lot of things people don't realize what they could do if they spent a little time learning how things work."  

For more Confetti Bar:

On Today's Show:

(9:00) Jessica's creative past and present

(11:00) Cliff's role on the backend of the site and heavy customization with gravity forms through Wordpress

(15:00) Custom confetti vs ready-made and seasonal mixes of confetti

(18:00) The Confetti Bar's Instagram and streamlining with Planoly

(23:00) Ranking high in Google

(29:00) Creating styled photos for Instagram with confetti & writing notes for ideas

(32:00) The Confetti Bar's daily schedule

(39:00) on wholesale and National Stationery Show

(48:00) Maria Brophy Art Money Success

(50:00) on creating fine artwork

(52:00) on telling people you create custom confetti at a cocktail party