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Positively Creative

Oct 26, 2017

Dorothy speaks with Carolyn Keating of Wholesale for Creatives, which offers support, strategy, and systems for product based business owners.  We dive in with wholesale pricing, working with rep groups, and chat about how many products you need to start a wholesale line.

For more information:

On Today's Show:

(6:00) how she started in the retail world

(13:00) is your business set up for wholesale?

(14:00) Wholesale for Creative's offerings

(14:30) Perfect Your Pricing Course

(16:00) Wholesale Pricing

(19:00) Wholesale Terms to Know

(32:00) How many items do you need to start wholesale?

(35:00) Wholesale shows and walking them first

(43:00) Working with Rep Groups

(51:00) Sourcing

(58:00) Nicole Schwartz - lawyer for product based businesses, Heather Crabtree's Savvy Group, Creative Biz Rebellion