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Positively Creative

Nov 25, 2019

This week we are continuing our series from the Positively Creative Summit. What does fiddling have to do with photography? This is an awesome and inspiring talk from Rachael Boer. She started her creative journey as a musician and soon found herself holding a camera instead of a violin. Rachael shares how she learned the difference between pricing and value and how she began charging more while also growing a business that can support her family. 


About Rachael Boer Photography:

With nearly a decade of experience in the portrait and wedding industry, Rachael brings creativity and vision to every photography session. Together with a small team of support staff, she has photographed hundreds of portrait sessions and weddings, and her clients are consistently thrilled by her stunning imagery high quality artwork. 

Rachael's passion is giving families tangible memories of their most precious days together with the ones they love. She wants each family to leave their session with beautiful images on their wall and in their hands, not stuck on a hard drive. For that reason, she partners with the best professional printers and craftsmen in the world to create exceptional pieces of wall art and albums for her clients to treasure.