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Positively Creative

Aug 24, 2017

On today's Positively Creative Podcast episode, neuroscientist Amanda Torres, a paleo and autoimmune protocol recipe blogger, shares with Dorothy about her personal health journey, the launch of her first cookbook, Latin American Paleo Cooking, on monetizing her blog through affiliate programs, and how she builds her community through Instagram Stories & Facebook Live. 

For more of Amanda's work:

On Today's Show:

(4:00) How she was diagnosed with pre diabetes, had developed an autoimmune skin condition, to lost weight (80 pounds!), and turning her health around. 

(5:30) Discovering the paleo diet - Mark Sisson A Primal Blueprint

(8:30) Barefoot running led her to primal living

(14:00) Institute for Functional Medicine - takes a root cause approach 

(14:30) Starting The Curious Coconut blog after two years of paleo diet 

(22:00) on monetizing the blog

(23:30) collaborating with other bloggers to create e-cookbooks

(27:00) multiple streams of income, including affiliate marketing

(34:00) on photographing the food 

(36:00) Celebrating her first cookbook, Latin American Paleo Cooking

(38:00) How she wrote a cookbook in 4 months

(40:00) Jennifer Robins, Predominately Paleo

(42:00) the process of starting the relationship with the publisher and the steps of creating the book

(49:00) on promoting the book

(52:00) on moving from an online business to a physical product and how Instagram stories and Facebook live has helped

(55:00) how she gets inspired to create recipes

(58:00) on measuring by weight and not by volume when cooking

(59:30) on gluten and dairy and healthy alternatives 

(1:02:00) Jeremy Draper, Well Fit Medicine

(1:05:00) acupuncture and Chinese herbs

(1:06:00) Mike Falcone, Twin Reeds Calming Influence in Overton Square & Shady Grove Presbyterian Church

(1:07:00) On finding a good Chinese medicine doctor

(1:09:00) on building a website with Squarespace

(1:13:00) Smarterqueue, Tailwind, spending ~1 hour in Pinterest to build her audience, Quantcast, & a business profile on Instagram 

(1:24:00) The Curious Coconut's Front Porch

Holistic health · Paleolithic diet · Autoimmune disease · Traditional Chinese medicine · Mindfulness